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Digital Master Scanning

Digital Master Scanning is particularly suitable for the semi-automated, three-dimensional capture and reconstruction of many similar objects, as the actual scanning process is independent of the calculation of the shape – the reconstruction. The system therefore only needs to be set up once and thus allows the rapid capture of objects that are similar in shape and surface texture. The object to be captured is placed on the capture table and Digital Master Scanning captures the object using fringe light scanning. The colouring and material properties of the object are also captured in addition to the shape. Thanks to a rotating glass table, the scan is contact-free.

Where the photogrammetry method reaches its limits, Digital Master Scanning goes even further. For example, objects made of white porcelain, a material that is unsuitable for photogrammetry, can also be digitised. In addition to the shape and colour of the object, the system also provides information on the surface texture in the form of so-called PBR textures, which are important for rendering.

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Ralf Meyer


Ralf Meyer has been involved in photogrammetry and the digital recording of cultural assets for many years. As a trained photographer, he is very familiar with the optical possibilities. However, it only becomes exciting for him when digital models and their development are required. He lives teamwork that includes the customers and is usually the most critical assessor of the results.