About us


our company was founded in Cologne in 1873, has been working for many years for renowned museums in the field of digitisation and is today one of Europe’s most innovative providers in the field of creating high-quality 3D digital copies.

Today, museums, foundations and private collections are required to move with the times and digitise their collections. This requires considerable human and financial resources, a clear concept of digital knowledge transfer in the exhibitions and the establishment of a digital repository that provides extensive possibilities for specialist research.

The possible uses of the digitised material are extensive and are becoming more diverse every day due to new innovations. Therefore, a clearly defined digitisation strategy and the associated meaningful and high-quality use of digital content is of great importance.

Through many years of intensive cooperation with industrial clients, we have developed a modular service that is available to museums and foundations to support them in these tasks.

We support you in object capture in 2D and 3D (true colour), offer you comprehensive IT services and deliver individual, custom-fit databases or media stations that are suitable for in-depth knowledge transfer in your exhibitions. Our CGI teams build VR and AR applications that can be used playfully and quite intuitively by users of all ages and therefore offer the opportunity for your museum to reach new target groups.

We are pleased to be at your side with confidence

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